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So Who Are You, Harold Beck?

The highlighted passages in So Who Are You, Harold Beck hide a vastly greater behind-the-scenes story.

At one stage in my career I found that superimposed on my hi-tech work and professional institution activities were puzzling veiled communications and attempts to teach me behavioural practices which were far from my liking.  Moreover, make progress in my career, changes in my values were being required of me and all of this was without my consent.  I deduced that I was involved in a top-level talent development and placement scheme but I did not see why it should be applied to me. I did not consider myself to be particularly talented; I had taken quite easily to hi-tech science and engineering and had specialised in electronics but I did not regard this as a great achievement. I had no thought of making a fortune by exploiting my knowledge and skills.  I wanted an interesting career alongside a happy family and community life rooted in my Christian faith.

It is only when I recognised why others considered me of great value in enhancing their corporate prestige and prosperity that I could make sense of my extraordinary experiences.  The key to that recognition was that my non-technical attributes were regarded as an exceptional complement to my hi-tech background.  This led me to carry out a great deal of research into advanced organisational behaviour, particularly behavioural technology and veiled communication, a pre-digital form of encryption. With this enhanced understanding of the mindsets and practices of the talent developers I was in a much better position to impart to others an understanding of what had taken place.

It is in the last few years that I have compiled an overt career autobiography which concentrates on talent development processes.  Technical, managerial and personal content has been curtailed.  Because disinformation may have found its way into Establishment and other archives, a number of images have been embedded in the text by way of verification as well as to provide context.  Sources include diaries, notes, letters, publications, programmes, committee papers, photos, cuttings, literature research and earlier papers.

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